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About Myself

Hi there, My name is Tim. I adopted this wiki in April 2019 as the previous admin was inactive and I could see the potential for this wiki to help other players of AdVenture Communist while I am only just learning myself about how to do tasks on this wiki I believe so far it has come a long way! With the help of the many other editors that seem to have appeared now that there is a spark of life in this wiki. You may also notice my username is in a shade of purple this is due to me loving the colour purple!

Goals for the Fandom.

I would love to see this Fandom/Wiki at a stage where it is able to help the majority of people who come here looking for help! It is getting there slowly and steadily if you see something wrong don't hesitate to correct it as the information needs to be accurate! I do have a somewhat demanding list of tasks I would like to complete/see completed in my Sandbox feel free to take a lot and if you would like to add anything let me know on my Message Wall