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# Name Requirement Reward
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The {{Mission table begin}}, {{Mission table row}}, and {{Mission table end}} templates are used to create a mission table on Rank pages. The row template automatically fills mission names and adds resource icons using the parameters given.


The following parameters are used for {{Mission table row}}:

Specifies mission number.
Specifies mission type:
  • collect for missions that require collecting a certain amount of a resource or science. Also requires res parameter.
  • own for missions that require owning a certain amount of a resource. Also requires res parameter.
  • trade for missions that require trading a certain number of times. Also requires ind parameter.
  • unlock for missions that require unlocking an industry. Also requires ind parameter.
  • spend for missions that require spending a certain amount of science.
  • upgrade for missions that require spending science and cards to upgrade researchers.
Specifies industry for trade and unlock missions.
Specifies resource (including science) for collect missions. Resource names should be lowercase and in singular form with a space between words. For example, blood bank and bullet.
Depending on the mission type, specifies the quantity of resources collected, trades completed, science spent, or cards upgraded. Numbers, commas, spaces, and letters should be entered exactly how they appear in game.
Specifies reward type.
  • wood for Wood Capsule.
  • stone for Stone Capsule.
  • science science. Also requires rewqty parameter.
  • gold for gold. Also requires rewqty parameter.
Specifies reward quantity for science and gold rewards.


{{Mission table begin}}
{{Mission table row|num=1|type=collect|res=potato|qty=10 AA|rew=science|rewqty=100}}
{{Mission table row|num=2|type=own|res=cold storage|qty=42,000|rew=wood}}
{{Mission table row|num=3|type=collect|res=bullet|qty=3 B|rew=wood}}
{{Mission table row|num=4|type=unlock|ind=military|rew=stone}}
{{Mission table row|num=5|type=trade|ind=potato|qty=10|rew=stone}}
{{Mission table row|num=6|type=spend|res=science|qty=1,000|rew=stone}}
{{Mission table row|num=7|type=spend|res=dark science|qty=1,000|rew=armored|event=winter}}
{{Mission table row|num=8|type=upgrade|qty=10|rew=gold|rewqty=25}}
{{Mission table end}}

# Name Requirement Reward
1 More Potatoes, More Glory! Collect 10 AA Potatoes 100 Science
2 Cooler than Warm Storage! Own 42,000 Cold Storages Wood
3 Armed and Glorious! Collect 3 B Bullets Wood
4 Health Before Wealth! Unlock Military industry Stone
5 Spade and Trade! Trade 10 Potato Stone
6 R&D Asap! Spend 1,000 Science Stone
7 Join the Dark Side Spend 1,000 Dark Science Armored
8 Promote Researchers Upgrade 10 Cards 25 Gold


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