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This template is used to insert descriptions on template pages.


Add <noinclude>{{documentation}}</noinclude> at the end of the template page.

Add <noinclude>{{documentation|<documentation page>}}</noinclude> to transclude an alternative page from the /doc subpage.


On the Template page

This is the normal format when used:

TEMPLATE CODE<includeonly>Any categories to be inserted into articles by the template</includeonly><noinclude>

If your template is not a completed div or table, you may need to close the tags just before {{documentation}} is inserted (within the noinclude tags).

A line break right before {{documentation}} can also be useful as it helps prevent the documentation template "running into" previous code.

On the documentation page

The documentation page is usually located on the /doc subpage for a template, but a different page can be specified with the first parameter of the template (see Syntax).

Normally, you will want to write something like the following on the documentation page:

{{Documentation subpage}}

This template is used to do something.

Type <code>{{t|templatename}}</code> somewhere.


{{Demo|<nowiki>{{templatename|another input}}</nowiki>}}

The template automatically adds the following categories to pages:
* [[:Category:Example]]

==See also==
* {{T|Example}}
* [[Example]]

{{Template categories|
<!-- Put template categories below this line -->



The template automatically adds the following categories to pages:

See also

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