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Supreme Supervillain is an event in AdVenture Communist. It is a long event that runs from May 26th to June 6th, 2022. It has 30 ranks with rewards plus a bonus 31st rank for the leaderboard. Much like the other long events, Villainous Capsule (a reskin of Gift Capsule) can be earned, having a decent chance of containing a Supreme Researcher

The balance is essentially a harder version of the Glorious Potato Factory balance, which is a harder version of the Supreme Santa balance. Like Factory, this event has nearly the same researchers as Santa but few scripted capsules. However, missions are generally more difficult than those in Glorious Potato Factory, making walls that effectively require a certain researcher to advance even worse.

This is currently the hardest event in the game. If you want to finish it, the most efficient way is to buy the golden airdrop boost, bundles for Ranks 10, and 24, possibly 16 and/or 22 if you want to be sure, 25k Dark Science at the beginning, and use warps near the end if necessary. Finishing this event is not worth it for the rewards, and it therefore is not recommended to attempt doing so unless you have another reason (such as finishing every event at least once).

Industry Descriptions[]

Generator Description
Warehouse "Where all up and coming villans get their start!"
Skyscraper "The executive business office at the top floor always doubles as a villan base!"
Castles "The older and more decrepit it is, the better!"
Private island "A vacation spot that always mixes evil business with pleasure."
Volcanoes "It's safer if the volcano is dormant, but where's the fun in that?"
Underwater "Best for Comrades that love water, aquatic life, and traveling in tiny submarines."
Space "Building a base out in space is truly out of this world!"
Hidden entrance "No matter how well you hide it, that sneaky Capitalist will always manage to find the entryway."
Surveillance room "With so many cameras around, it's weird how many people can still sneak in unnoticed."
Minion training "Ensure your minions are in tip-top shape before they get beaten up by your nemesis!"
Evil Lab "Great for inventing new weapons, evil monsters, or very large mutant potatoes."
Comms-Day Device "Once we launch our glorious device, those dastardly Capitalists can't stop us!"
Control Room "If something goes awry, does it become an out-of-control room?"
Pressure plate "Once the plate is triggered, that's when all the fun begins!"
Spinning saw blade "An effective trap, and an even more effective way to chop potatoes."
Freeze Ray "You are required to say at least one cool pun before you fire it."
Acid Pool "It's not just a mind melting trap, it actually melts anything you put in it!"
Laser Shark
Evil Monologue "The best of the best supervillains always have a well-rehearsed dramatic monologue!"
Hero Distraction "Smoke bombs, pocket sand, giant potatoes... use whatever it takes to distract your nemesis!"
Self-Destruct Sequence "The timer has to be just long enough that you can escape, but still look like it was a close call!"
Escape Vehicle


Name Boost effect Boost Strength Affects Rarity Rank
Ivan Mugatis Speed 9x/27x/81x/... Warehouse Common 1
Lord Alexis Octan Speed 9x/27x/81x/... Skyscraper Common 2
Dr. Albert Skelly Speed 9x/27x/81x/... Castles Common 3
Buddy Syndrmanga Speed 9x/27x/81x/... Private island Common 7
Maxjax Jaxjax‎ Speed 9x/27x/81x/... Volcanoes Common 10
Master Karl Ormberg Speed 9x/27x/81x/... Underwate Common 14
Repulsive Braka‎ Speed 9x/27x/81x/... Space Common 22
Frau Zodissina Speed 9x/27x/81x/... Hidden entrance Common 5
Bobis and Natastu Speed 9x/27x/81x/... Surveillance room Common 7
Brang Speed 9x/27x/81x/... Minion training Common 11
Dr. Drakbender Speed 9x/27x/81x/... Evil Lab Common 15
Hank Horrible Speed 9x/27x/81x/... Comms-Day Device Common 21
Clock Claw‎ Speed 9x/27x/81x/... Control Room Common 24
Shegodd Speed 9x/27x/81x/... Pressure plate Common 8
Metal Peace Speed 9x/27x/81x/... Spinning saw blade Common 12
Freezie Cold Speed 9x/27x/81x/... Freeze Ray Common 17
King Khemo Speed 9x/27x/81x/... Acid Pool Common 21
Evil Biter‎ Speed 9x/27x/81x/... Laser Sharks Common 26
Infernal Bobby‎ Speed 9x/27x/81x/... Evil Monologue Common 15
Slapia Speed 9x/27x/81x/... Hero Distraction Common 19
Sparky Fly‎ Speed 9x/27x/81x/... Self-Destruct Sequence Common 24
Richard Wheelie Speed 9x/27x/81x/... Escape Vehicle Common 28
Plankness Power 4x/8x/16x/... Hideout industry Rare 5
King Drax Trade 3x/5x/12x/... Hideout industry Rare 5
Mr. Swackbrain Power 8x/16x/32x/... Floor plan industry Rare 5
Wirebyte Trade 8x/16x/32x/... Floor plan industry Rare 6
Monarca Trade 8x/16x/32x/... Cage industry Rare 11
Evie Gargason‎ Power 6x/24x/96x/... Cage industry Rare 13
Dr. Day Trade 6x/24x/96x/... Exit Sign industry Rare 18
Hobpolkan‎‎ Power 6x/24x/96x/... Exit Sign industry Rare 20
Dr. Nefreizous‎‎ Chance 11%/22%/33%/... Rare 7
Doc Gruck‎ Power 8x/16x/32x/... Rare 10
Juggertex Trade 2x/4x/8x/... Rare 16
Dr. Eggnik Bonus 8x/16x/32x/... Rare 23