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The Supreme Pass is a premium feature of AdVenture Communist. Players may buy this pass with real money for their current special operations cycle to gain several bonuses. The pass can last for up to 30 days, and expires at the same time as the tier rewards reset. This means that if the pass is bought with 5 days remaining on the tier reward clock, the player only gains the benefits of the pass for those 5 days, but gains all of the supreme tier rewards that they have earned, even if completed before buying the supreme pass. Thus, it is recommended to buy the pass at the beginning of the cycle to maximize the benefits of the pass.


  • The Supreme Rewards track for Special Operations is unlocked
  • Gain a third Special Operations slot
  • Activates the 2x propaganda boost in both motherland and events for the duration of the pass without watching ads
    • Special airdrops and mystery researchers still require ads, however
  • Stack 4 free capsules in Events (instead of 2)
  • Reduce the special operation refresh time to 8 hours (from 12 hours)
  • Replace 1 operation for free per day


The pass costs US $9.99 for up to 30 days of the above perks. The pass must be repurchased when the tier rewards reset to maintain the perks,