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"Ever dreamed of skyscrapper made of stacked potato farms? Everyone did, it's State mandated."

Sky Farms are the 11th and final potato generator. The first mission requiring Sky farms is at Rank 102, and Rank 103 introduces Uncle Smurf who automates and speeds up Sky Farms.

The potato price of Sky Farms is similar in difficulty to Bombers. However, this industry sees another increase in generator cost, needing at least 1 B discount to afford the 10 CC Biodomes, as well as another jump in comrades as the 100s expect at least 10 M cps.

Starting with Rank 116, sky farms have become infamous for comrade missions that take over a week to complete even with Earth Wyrm Jym and comrade rares maxed in some ranks such as 50 T at Rank 116 and 150 T at Rank 150. Players may skip these missions, but some later ranks have multiple large comrade missions forcing players to complete a multi-trillion sky farm mission or a similar comrade mission such as unlocking Magma Extractors.