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The main symbol for science.

Science is the key ingredient to boosting your industries. You can get Science by:

Science is used to buy (and level up) Researchers.

Income from resources[]

Science is earned every time the collected amount of a generator passes a power of 10 (i.e. 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000, etc.). The amount earned is dependent on which industry the resource is in: 1 for Potato, 2 for Land, 3 for Ore, 4 for Military, and 5 for Placebo. To collect the earned Science, simply tap on the icon of the resource.

The amount of science that is ready to be collected for a particular resource will appear above the bubble.

Buying with Gold[]

As well as getting science from capsules, players have the options to buy it for gold.

Science Packs.png

You can buy science at the following rates:

  • 60 Gold = 1,000 Science
  • 500 Gold = 10,000 Science
  • 4,500 Gold = 100,000 Science

However, at least in later ranks, these science packs aren't worth it.