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A resource is one of the many things in the game that can be bought, traded, and/or produced. Most resources fall into five categories, or industries: potato, land, ore, bullet, and placebo. Comrades, science, and gold, the most basic resources, do not fall into any of these categories. The resources also fall into tiers of production: resources in lower tiers allow the player to purchase resources in higher tiers, while resources in higher tiers produce resources in the next lowest tier at no cost. The industries are named for their lowest-tier resources, which can be thought of as a "tier zero".

Resources often come in large numbers, and they are counted using a special notation.

Note: Although we refer to Tier 1 as being "lower" than Tier 2, the game places Tier 1 above Tier 2 on the screen.


Once an industry is unlocked, its Tier 1 resource is automatically unlocked. A Tier 2 resource or higher is unlocked by producing enough of the resource from the tier below it.

When a resource is unlocked, the user is automatically given one of that resource.

Non-industry resources[]

Comrades and science can be thought of as "tier zero" resources that are not part of any industry. However, science can also be thought of as its own industry, since science can be earned via gold. Furthermore, gold can be "earned" by paying actual money to the game, so money can be thought of as a Tier 2 resource. However, neither science-gold trades nor gold-money trades provide a regular flow of resources.

List of resources[]

Tier Resource
Industry Potatoes Land Ore Bullets Placebos
1 Farmers Workers Miner Soldier Nurse
2 Communes Clearcuts Excavator Barrack Clinic
3 Freights Road Blasting Site Convoy Ambulance
4 Plantations Sewer Mine Bunker Pharmacy
5 Irrigations Coal Plant Deep Bore Tank Blood Bank
6 Greenhouses Train Oil Rig Artillery Hospital
7 Barges Harbour Tanker Battleship Coast Guard
8 Cold Storages Nuclear Plant Uranium Mine Fortress Laboratory
9 Crop Dusters Airport Ozone Collector Bomber Air Rescue
10 Biodomes Tube Travel Laser Drill Cyborg Cloning Lab
11 Sky Farm Fusion Plant
(Planned, Future?)