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Researchers came out with the 3.0 update in AdVenture Communist. They are one of the most important resources of the game. Ranking up does not directly increase the production of industries, so collecting and promoting researchers is the way to progress in the game as mission requirements increase exponentially with each higher rank.

There are currently 98 Researchers in the game.

5 of the researchers (event/orange) can only be earned by reaching thresholds in events

Unlock more researchers by ranking up, which you can do by completing missions.


The main way of obtaining researchers is to open Capsules.

Researchers can be bought directly in the Shop for the following prices:

  • Common Cards: 10 Science OR 0.5 Gold per card;
  • Rare Cards: 100 science OR 5 gold per card;
  • Epic Cards: 1,000 science OR 50 gold per card;
  • Supreme Cards: 40,000 science OR 1,500 gold per card.

or via buying Capsules.

Note: Most Capsules contain more than one type of card. The given values are calculated using only the specified type of card. The values have been calculated using the base rates as shown on the Capsules page. The value of all capsules (exept Supreme Capsule that is fixed) will increase and the cost per card will decrease with higher ranks because the numbers of cards per capsule will increase, while the prices stay the same.

When a player collect extra cards after collecting all the cards needed for reaching the maximum level, they will be converted into science. The amount of science the player will get for excess cards is half what they would spend for buying the cards from the shop:

  • Common Cards: 5 science per extra card;
  • Rare Cards: 50 science per extra card;
  • Epic Cards: 500 science per extra card;
  • Event Cards: 1,000 science per extra card;
  • Supreme Cards: 20,000 science per extra card.

Researchers are also available as rewards from Events, in addition to the Capsule rewards that Events also offer. Starting with the Atlantis event in June 2019, events can also provide unique researchers (not otherwise available in Capsules or the shop) as rewards.


Researchers apply boosts to resources, Trades, or the contents of Capsules. Each researcher has one of the following modifiers:

  • Bonus: Increases the amount of bonus resources produced.
  • Cards: Increases the amount of researcher cards earned in capsules.
  • Chance: Increases the chance to produce bonus resources.
  • Discount: Decreases the purchase cost of industries.
  • Power: Increases the production output of resources.
  • Trade: Increases the amount of comrade granted from Trades.
  • Science: Increases the amount of science earned in capsules.
  • Speed: Automates and decreases the production time of resources.


There are four researcher rarity levels plus the event researchers. Higher rarity researchers generally affect more resources or offer more potent effects with some exeptions.



Common researchers have cards with a white background. There are currently different 51 obtainable common researchers. The only modifier is:

  • Speed for a single resource



Rare researchers have cards with a yellow background. There are currently 20 different rare researchers. Possible modifiers are:

  • Chance for all resources of a single industry
  • Power for a single base resource
  • Power for all resources of a single industry
  • Trade for a single industry



Epic researchers have cards with a purple background. There are currently 14 diffrerent epic researchers. Possible modifiers are:

  • Bonus for all resources of a single industry
  • Discount for all resources of a single industry
  • Cards for capsules of a certain type
  • Science for capsules of a certain type


Icon card event.png

Event researchers have cards with an orange background. They are only available by achieving rank milestones in Events. Once the Event is over and the rewards are collected, the Event researchers are added to the Motherland researchers.

There are 5 Event researchers, one for each resource. The effect of the event researchers is to add to all Wood Capsules and Stone Capsules a 20% chance of an Airdrop-like addition of resources. Card description says "20% Chance for Wood and Stone Capsules to drop X hours of <Resource>". Initial level 1 card has X3 bonus, level 2 card has X6. This bonus multiplies the amount of resource, so a level 2 card will add 6 hours of resource.

Only one Event researcher will apply to each capsule. It seems that each capsule is randomly assigned a resource (20% chance for each). If you have the researcher for that resource, you will get the bonus, else nothing. If you have all 5 researchers, you will get a resource drop with every capsule. By the time you get to this stage, resources are much less important, as progression is usually limited by the Comrade generation rate.



Supreme researcher cards have a red background with golden borders. There are 5 different supreme researchers. Their modifiers are the following:

  • Bonus for all resources of all industries
  • Chance for all resources of all industries
  • Discount for all resources of all industries
  • Power for all resources of all industries
  • Trade for all resources of all industries

Note: Each of the five modifiers from above only apply to one card currently.

List of researchers


Name Industry Resource Modifier Rarity Rank
Ringo Ringlet Potato Farmers Speed Common 1
Commune of Doggone Potato Communes Speed Common 1
Mad Mad Marx Potato Freights Speed Common 3
Ricky Jay Potato Plantations Speed Common 5
Dr. Quinny Foreman Potato Irrigations Speed Common 8
Dogg Benson Potato Greenhouses Speed Common 15
Ernie Abe Normal Potato Barges Speed Common 28
Isaac Culkin Potato Cold Storages Speed Common 42
Nate Polly Potato Crop Dusters Speed Common 57
Spudly Do Right Potato Biodomes Speed Common 80
Uncle Smurf Potato Sky Farms Speed Common 103
Milly the Mighty Land Workers Speed Common 3
Big Paulie Land Clearcut Speed Common 4
Doc Brown Road Land Roads Speed Common 5
Johnny T Land Sewers Speed Common 7
Jovi Cannonball Land Coal Plants Speed Common 13
Chuck Clampall Land Trains Speed Common 23
Sailor Bonny Land Harbours Speed Common 36
Geri Springer Bouvier Land Nuclear Plants Speed Common 51
Maverick Ryback Land Airports Speed Common 68
Jimmy Astroseed Land Tube Travels Speed Common 88
Albert Mutanstein Land Fusion Plants Speed Common 114
Derek Keeblander Ore Miners Speed Common 6
Mortician Marley Ore Excavators Speed Common 7
Blast Off Buds Ore Blasting Sites Speed Common 9
Speluffy Ore Mines Speed Common 10
Pumbob Ore Deep Bores Speed Common 21
Lt. McRhodey Ore Oil Rigs Speed Common 33
Captain D. Drumpf Ore Tankers Speed Common 48
Dragoactive Man Ore Uranium Mines Speed Common 64
Landy Calrussian Ore Ozone Collectors Speed Common 84
Comrade Broski Ore Laser Drills Speed Common 108
Bendin' Bolrog Ore Magma Extractors Speed Common 136
Duke O'Hazzard Military Soldiers Speed Common 11
Chuck Manhart Military Barracks Speed Common 12
Brad Bones Military Convoys Speed Common 14
Starvin Military Bunkers Speed Common 16
Jean C. Rico Military Tanks Speed Common 31
Skeezy McScott Military Artilleries Speed Common 45
Captain J. Spaddock Military Battleships Speed Common 60
Dominics Angels Military Fortresses Speed Common 76
Manny Osbomb Military Bombers Speed Common 98
Locutus Freak Military Cyborgs Speed Common 127
Charles von Lionel Military Mechs Speed Common 158
Kennie Whooser Placebo Nurses Speed Common 18
Patcheye Placebo Clinics Speed Common 19
J.D.M.D. Placebo Ambulances Speed Common 20
Howlin Mac Placebo Pharmacies Speed Common 25
Eleanor Lynn Placebo Blood Banks Speed Common 39
Doctor McSizzly Placebo Hospitals Speed Common 54
Doctor Hasselberg Placebo Coast Guards Speed Common 72
The Kill Me Nows Placebo Laboratories Speed Common 93
Zap McNicoy Placebo Air Rescues Speed Common 120
The Monstourage Placebo Cloning Labs Speed Common 148
Mactuber Potato All Potato Power Rare 3
The Confectioners Potato All Potato Chance Rare 3
Assistant 'to the' Major Potato All Potato Trade Rare 3
Jason Van Driessen Land All Land Power Rare 3
The Groovers Land All Land Chance Rare 3
Wacko Joker Land All Land Trade Rare 3
Robert Scratches Saki Ore All Ore Power Rare 8
Gimli Yosemite Sam Ore All Ore Chance Rare 11
Salvadorville Ore All Ore Trade Rare 10
Johnny O. Rambo Military All Military Power Rare 12
Darth Wallace Military All Military Chance Rare 17
Adrian X. Vultor Military All Military Trade Rare 16
Mertha Joy Placebo All Placebo Power Rare 18
Nurse Temple Placebo All Placebo Chance Rare 24
Sir Lance Egon Placebo All Placebo Trade Rare 20
Magdonut Potato Farmers Power Rare 34
The Shrink Land Workers Power Rare 44
Thollum Ore Miners Power Rare 56
Ding Dong Un Military Soldiers Power Rare 70
Misa Valentine Placebo Nurses Power Rare 90
Pringlett Potato All Potato Discount Epic 3
Monsieur Frites Potato All Potato Bonus Epic 3
Jar J. Musk Land All Land Discount Epic 3
Heck Axe Land All Land Bonus Epic 4
Minecraft Thrain Ore All Ore Discount Epic 9
Big Blender Ore All Ore Bonus Epic 14
Megacop Military All Military Discount Epic 13
Ann Munition Military All Military Bonus Epic 17
Nurse Wretched Placebo All Placebo Discount Epic 19
Hannibal Tavius Placebo All Placebo Bonus Epic 22
Heisenevil Capsule Wood Science Epic 29
Fred De Stone Tyson Capsule Stone Science Epic 50
Queen of Groots Capsule Wood Cards Epic 38
Gamgrimm Capsule Stone Cards Epic 78
Spudok Capsule Wood
Potatoes Event 8
Dora the Destroyer Capsule Wood
Land Event 13
Yukon Kornelius Capsule Wood
Ore Event 16
Judge Nick Jury Capsule Wood
Bullets Event 25
Dr. Lizz Frizz Capsule Wood
Placebos Event 43
Earth Wyrm Jym All All Industries Trade Supreme 3
Ratchemus Prime All All Industries Power Supreme 3
Dr. Shortstack All All Industries Chance Supreme 6
Mega Tron All All Industries Discount Supreme 15
Alf Stark All All Industries Bonus Supreme 26

Space Force

Name Industry Resource Modifier Rarity Rank
Barry Dark Fuel Chemists Speed Common 1
Quack Launchyear Fuel Launch Pads Speed Common 1
Racoonteer Fuel Rockets Speed Common 4
Good Morning Slam Fuel Autopilots Speed Common 6
The Warp-Driver Fuel Warp Drives Speed Common 9
GRAdos Fuel Star Portals Speed Common 15
Dr. Sky-Wily Space rock Technicians Speed Common 3
Johnny Quantum Size Space rock Rovers Speed Common 5
Thunderjay Space rock Space Probes Speed Common 8
DZ Swells Space rock Terraformers Speed Common 11
Marv 9000 Space rock Alien Artifacts Speed Common 16
Ghost of the Galaxy Laser Troopers Speed Common 7
Gortheads Laser Cosmo Cannons Speed Common 10
Queen Mother Laser Motherland Ships Speed Common 13
Iron Helmet Laser Planet Liberators Speed Common 18
Poison Plainfuel Fuel All Fuel Trade Rare 1
Blue Dwarf Space rock All Space Rocks Trade Rare 4
Gunter Starr Laser All Lasers Trade Rare 8
Imperator Butt All All Industries Power Rare 1
The Demons Champion All All Industries Chance Rare 7
Awakened Gangster All All Industries Trade Rare 10

Communist Crusade

Name Industry Resource Modifier Rarity Rank
Van Gobby Drumstick Peasants Speed Common 1
As You Hitch Drumstick Stables Speed Common 1
Village Meeple Drumstick Villages Speed Common 3
Princess Hightower Drumstick Towers Speed Common 6
Herbert Von Rosenbear Drumstick Moats Speed Common 10
Howlmont Drumstick Castles Speed Common 15
Full Metal Paulo Magic Alchemists Speed Common 3
Macdeath-Lord Magic Cauldrons Speed Common 5
Moon Cloud Magic Elixirs Speed Common 9
Screamin Moiraine Magic Spells Speed Common 13
Oz the Grey Magic Wizards Speed Common 17
Patsy M. Python, Esq. Sword Squires Speed Common 8
Dark Tarth Sword Knights Speed Common 11
God of Warwolf Sword Trebuchets Speed Common 14
Way of Saphira Sword Dragons Speed Common 18
Los Polos Leghorn Drumstick All Drumstick Power Rare 1
Chicken Bladey Drumstick All Drumstick Trade Rare 1
Shaqdini Magic All Magic Power Rare 6
Scarlett Goodwitch Magic All Magic Trade Rare 4
Joan of Stark Sword All Sword Power Rare 13
Arthur Omensword Sword All Sword Trade Rare 10

Anew Atlantis

Name Industry Resource Modifier Rarity Rank
Boss Willis Fish Fishermen Speed Common 1
Crunchy Boy Fish Dinghies Speed Common 1
Mr. Swim'n Trouble Fish Nets Speed Common 4
Morgan Shepard Fish Boats Speed Common 7
Wine-Ialation Fish Lighthouses Speed Common 11
Sandy Ramius Fish Ocean Farms Speed Common 15
All Aquatic Treasure Divers Speed Common 3
Scuba Cuba Treasure Oxygen Tanks Speed Common 6
Razor Scooter Treasure Sea Scooters Speed Common 9
Lazzi Kwaft Treasure Scavengers Speed Common 13
Hank Finch Treasure Sea Labs Speed Common 18
King Tronon Trident Mermen Speed Common 5
Aqua Boy Trident Sea Chariots Speed Common 8
Nauty Crew Trident Leviathans Speed Common 10
Poor Unfortunate Squid Trident Krakens Speed Common 14
Swann-Sin Fish All Fish Power Rare 1
Moby-a-Kalana Fish All Fish Trade Rare 1
Hoopers Locker Treasure All Treasure Power Rare 4
The Little Zora Treasure All Treasure Trade Rare 3
Manta Odair Trident All Tridents Power Rare 7
Chicken Neptune Trident All Tridents Trade Rare 10

Comrade Cowboys

Name Industry Resource Modifier Rarity Rank
Clarabelle Kid Cattle Cowboys Speed Common 1
Artax Horseman Cattle Horses Speed Common 1
Tinker Bug Cattle Buggies Speed Common 4
Dolores Badanov Cattle Branding Irons Speed Common 6
Dysentary Praire Cattle Caravans Speed Common 9
Miss Kitty Harp Cattle Frontiers Speed Common 15
Trainasaurus Railway Conductors Speed Common 3
Uncle Tonto Railway Trolleys Speed Common 5
Romanova Siege Railway Steam Engines Speed Common 8
Poirocchio Railway Trestles Speed Common 11
Francis Snow Railway Stations Speed Common 16
Doody Ranger Revolver Cavalry Speed Common 7
Marvrooster Revolver Sharpshooters Speed Common 10
Major Drudee Revolver Badges Speed Common 13
Heavy Vulcan Revolver Gatling Guns Speed Common 18
Bully Beebop Cattle All Cattles Trade Rare 1
Busan Express Railway All Railways Trade Rare 4
Accel Sure Shot Revolver All Revolvers Trade Rare 8
Vappa Stampade All All Industries Power Rare 1
Chuggs Blazington All All Industries Chance Rare 7
Tennessee Ocelot All All Industries Trade Rare 10

Ninja Union

Name Industry Resource Modifier Rarity Rank
I Dream of Bill Sushi Chefs Speed Common 1
No-Face Racer Sushi Carts Speed Common 1
Turtle Hermit Sushi Festivals Speed Common 3
Bro Hero 3 Sushi Kabuki Speed Common 6
Slippy Lennox Sushi Gardens Speed Common 10
Brokedown Pazu Sushi Palaces Speed Common 15
Snake City Shuriken Ninjas Speed Common 3
Koro Kai Shuriken Sensei Speed Common 5
Zion Master Shuriken Dojos Speed Common 9
Ghoul Bears Shuriken Clans Speed Common 13
Afro Fred Shuriken Shoguns Speed Common 17
Tenjago Blade Scroll Monks Speed Common 8
Shigurita Scroll Shrines Speed Common 11
Jibby Nine-Tails Scroll Yokai Speed Common 14
Xilien Fairies Scroll Kaiju Speed Common 18
Sanjyo Sushi All Sushi Power Rare 1
Waz-O Sushi All Sushi Trade Rare 1
Grenlocke Shuriken All Shuriken Power Rare 6
Gaidenmon Shuriken All Shuriken Trade Rare 4
Zenyasha Scroll All Scroll Power Rare 13
Ji-Outworld Scroll All Scroll Trade Rare 10

Winter Motherland

Name Industry Resource Modifier Rarity Rank
Peeta Pie Cookie Bakers Speed Common 1
Child Fieri Cookie Recipies Speed Common 1
Sir Gizmolot Cookie Mixers Speed Common 4
Keebler Monster Cookie Ovens Speed Common 7
Harace & Grumar Cookie Bakeshops Speed Common 11
Willy Puft Cookie Cookie Factories Speed Common 15
Eastpark Shovel Explorers Speed Common 3
Snow Blow Shovel Snowmobiles Speed Common 6
Shovel King Shovel Plows Speed Common 9
Cliffmeister Shovel Basecamps Speed Common 13
Let It Snow Shovel Ice Palaces Speed Common 18
Melt Hard Snowball Snowmen Speed Common 5
Bazooka Snow Snowball Snowzookas Speed Common 8
Merchant Dog Snowball Stockpiles Speed Common 10
Harry Soldier Snowball Yetis Speed Common 14
Ginger Heist Cookie All Cookie Power Rare 1
Mama Miserables Cookie All Cookie Trade Rare 1
Thing Age Shovel All Shovel Power Rare 4
Killzone Shovel All Shovel Trade Rare 3
Blue Frosty Snowball All Snowballs Power Rare 7
Buddy Brown Snowball All Snowballs Trade Rare 10

Stone State

Name Industry Resource Modifier Rarity Rank
Kinn the Naknada Fire Gatherers Speed common 1
Torchwood Fire Torches Speed common 1
Tomby Pig Fire Roasts Speed common 4
Blazing Tigers Fire Furnaces Speed common 7
Pyro-Riki Fire Flamechuckers Speed common 11
Fire Ptero-technics Speed common 15
Bonk the Builder Wheel Builders Speed common 3
Harry's Ghost Wheel Pots Speed common 6
Chaos Insurance Wheel Footmobiles Speed common 9
Dorothy Quixote Wheel Mills Speed common 13
Fred Thwomstone Wheel Quarries Speed common 18
Turok Valentine Spear Hunters Speed common 5
Sterling Hunter Spear Fighters Speed common 8
Fang Carter Spear Raptors Speed common 10
Mammo-Luepagus Spear Mammoths Speed common 14
Wheezing Metal Fire All Fire Power rare 1
Torchy Bear Fire All Fire Trade rare 1
Commander Cera Wheel All Wheel Power rare 4
Firebaby Wheel All Wheel Trade rare 3
bameybot Spear All Spear Power rare 7
Captain Sattler Spear All Spear Trade rare 10

Supreme Santa

Name Industry Resource Modifier Rarity Rank
Peeta Pie Gingerbread Bakers Speed Common 1
Tiny Cakes Gingerbread Recipies Speed Common 1
Sir Gizmolot Gingerbread Mixers Speed Common 4
Keebler Monster Gingerbread Ovens Speed Common 6
Harace & Grumar Gingerbread Bakeshops Speed Common 10
Wonky Landing Gingerbread Cookie Factories Speed Common 16
Dusty Spangles Gingerbread Sprinkle Dusters Speed Common 22
Eastpark Pole Explorers Speed Common 3
Snow Blow Pole Snowmobiles Speed Common 5
Shovel King Pole Plows Speed Common 8
Cliffmeister Pole Basecamps Speed Common 12
Smokey Materials Pole Expresses Speed Common 17
Let It Snow Pole Ice Palaces Speed Common 24
Melt Hard Snowball Snowmen Speed Common 7
Bazooka Snow Snowball Snowzookas Speed Common 9
Crispy Und Panzer Snowball Elf Tanks Speed Common 13
Harry Soldier Snowball Yetis Speed Common 20
King of Solitude Snowball Snow Fortresses Speed Common 26
Bad Arthur Present Little Helpers Speed Common 15
Doolie Boolie Present Sacks Speed Common 18
Bubolph Present Reindeers Speed Common 23
Sleigher Present Sleighs Speed Common 28
Ginger Heist Gingerbread All Gingerbreads Power Rare 1
Mama Griswold Gingerbread All Gingerbreads Trade Rare 1
Thing Age Pole All Poles Power Rare 4
Killzone Pole All Poles Trade Rare 3
Pink Ryder Snowball All Snowballs Power Rare 13
Buddy Brown Snowball All Snowballs Trade Rare 11
Cool E.L.F.S. Present All Presents Power Rare 20
Dental Man Present All Presents Trade Rare 18
Night Witch All  All Industries Power Rare 10
Gingy Cratchit All  All Industries Chance Rare 7
Troughsky's Ghost All  All Industries Bonus Rare 23
Blue Frosty All  All Industries Trade Rare 16

Spooky State

Name Industry Resource Modifier Rarity Rank
Jack O Berry Candy Buckets Speed Common 1
Bateratu Candy Bats Speed Common 1
Antobbit Candy Webs Speed Common 4
Spider Plump Candy Spiders Speed Common 6
Cat O'Bourne Candy Black Cats Speed Common 10
Dodo Skellinto Candy Skeletons Speed Common 16
Penny Doh Candy Clowns Speed Common 22
Adria Granger Broom Witches Speed Common 3
Harry Rivia Broom Wands Speed Common 5
Mr. Woodsy Broom Owls Speed Common 8
Pindoll Broom Pentagrams Speed Common 12
Sarula Broom Crystal Balls Speed Common 17
Lord Balsidious Broom Lairs Speed Common 24
Groundskeeper Lara Ghost Cemeteries Speed Common 7
Slimasper Ghost Houses Speed Common 9
Tinker of the Forest Ghost Forests Speed Common 13
Alfred Lurch Ghost Manors Speed Common 20
Pepper Clown Ghost Asylums Speed Common 26
Rob Nelligan Brain Walkers Speed Common 15
Jill Valnades Brain Armoreds Speed Common 18
Michy Summers Brain Exploders Speed Common 23
Tarmanesis Brain Monstrosities Speed Common 28
Wednesday Myers Candy All Candys Power Rare 1
Mrs. Spookley Candy All Candys Trade Rare 1
Fiona Spellman Broom All Brooms Power Rare 4
Mummydore Broom All Brooms Trade Rare 3
Sub-Monster Ghost All Ghosts Power Rare 13
Slender Rider Ghost All Ghosts Trade Rare 11
Governor de Leon Brain All Brains Power Rare 20
Alucombie Brain All Brains Trade Rare 18
Radamage All  All Industries Power Rare 10
Oogie Pierrot All  All Industries Chance Rare 7
Hanniboo All  All Industries Bonus Rare 23
Grimsaw All  All Industries Trade Rare 16

Zombie Revolution

Name Boost effect Boost Strength Affects Rarity Rank
Jimoana Speed 6x/12x/24x/... Water Common 1
Yogi Sakura Speed 6x/12x/24x/... Tents Common 2
Prince Trashcan Speed 6x/12x/24x/... Matches Common 3
Diana Busan Speed 6x/12x/24x/... Ropes Common 7
Jingle Speed 7x/14x/28x/... Navigation Common 10
Mother Glenn Speed 8x/16x/32x/... Baseball Bats Common 15
Fran'cis Miserable Speed 6x/12x/24x/... Barricades Common 3
Gerry Grail Speed 6x/12x/24x/... Fortifications Common 5
El E. Coyote Speed 6x/12x/24x/... Traps Common 9
Chase Grimes Speed 6x/12x/24x/... Patrols Common 13
Tallahassee Wickland Speed 6x/12x/24x/... Firearms Common 17
Wayne Brayne Speed 6x/12x/24x/... Farms Common 8
Ada Mode Speed 8x/16x/32x/... Textiles Common 11
Liv'N House Speed 6x/12x/24x/... Medical Supplies Common 14
Tails Decon Speed 6x/12x/24x/... Machinery Common 18
Sailor Cranberry Power 4x/8x/16x/... Canned Food Rare 4
Chef Clementine Trade 5x/10x/20x/... Canned Food Rare 5
Frank Holmes Power 6x/12x/24x/... Tools Rare 6
Shaun Borland Trade 5x/10x/20x/... Tools Rare 7
Dexter Romero Trade 5x/10x/20x/... Blueprints Rare 10
Tygra Murray Power 8x/16x/32x/... Blueprints Rare 13


Researcher Speed Boost Luck Boost Power Boost Comrade Boost Luck Power Boost Decrease Cost Event Researcher Capsule Resource Hours
Level 1 x2 5% x2 x2 x4 x10 3
Level 2 x4 7.25% x4 x4 x16 x100 6
Level 3 x8 10% x8 x8 x64 x1 K 12
Level 4 x16 13.25% x16 x16 x256 x10 K 24
Level 5 x32 17% x32 x32 x1024 x100 K 48
Level 6 x64 21.25% x64 x64 x4096 x1 M 96
Level 7 x128 26% x128 x128 x16384 x10 M
Level 8 x256 31.25% x256 x256 x65536 x100 M
Level 9 x512 37% x512 x512
Level 10 x1024 43.25% x1024 x1024
Level 11 x2048 50% x2048 x2048
Level 12 x4096
Level 13 x8192

Power Boost

Power boost also applies researchers who multiply singular industries. For example, Magdonut starts out multiplying farmers by 9, but upgrading the researcher will only double the industry's power (x18, not x81). They could be considered; "Evil Cards" due to their appearance, and their effect isn't as great as other rare cards.

Researcher Single Industry Power Queen of Groots' Bonus Cards in Wood Capsules Gamgrimm's Bonus Cards in Stone Capsules Heisenevil's Bonus Science in Wood Capsules Fred De Stone Tyson's Bonus Science in Stone Capsules Dr. Shortstack

Luck Boost

Level 1 x9 7% 6% 5% 4% 8%
Level 2 x18 9.25% 7.5% 6.5% 5% 13%
Level 3 x36 13% 10% 9% 6.5% 19%
Level 4 x72 18.25% 13.5% 12.5% 8.5% 26%
Level 5 x144 25% 18% 17% 11% 34%
Level 6 x288 33.25% 23.5% 22.5% 14%
Level 7 x576 43% 30% 29% 17.5%
Level 8 x1152 54.25% 37.5% 36.5% 21.5%
Level 9 x2304
Level 10 x4608
Level 11 x9216

Cost of Researchers

Researcher Cost: Common Cost: Rare Cost: Epic Cost: Event Cost: Supreme Copies Needed Cummulative

Copies Needed

Level 1 free free free free free 1 1
Level 2 50 100 400 1000 5000 2 2
Level 3 100 200 2000 5000 20000 5 7
Level 4 200 400 4000 20000 50000 10 17
Level 5 300 1000 8000 50000 100000 20 37
Level 6 400 2000 20000 100000 (Max is 5) 50 87
Level 7 1000 4000 50000 (Max is 6) 100 187
Level 8 2000 8000 100000 200 387
Level 9 4000 20000 (Max is 8) 400 787
Level 10 8000 50000 800 1587
Level 11 20000 100000 1000 2587
Level 12 50000 (Max is 11) 2000 4587
Level 13 100000 5000 9587

Crusade/Ninja Researcher Stats


Researcher Peasants, Chefs Stables, Carts Villages, Festivals, Alchemists, Ninjas Towers, Kabuki, Cauldrons, Sensei
Level 1 x3 x4 x5 x6
Level 2 x6 x8 x10 x12
Level 3 x12 x16 x20 x24
Level 4 x24 x32 x40 x48
Level 5 x48 x64 x80 x96
Level 6 x96 x128 x160 x192
Level 7 x192 x256 x320 x384
Level 8 x384 x512 x640 x768
Researcher Moats, Gardens, Elixirs, Dojos, Squires, Monks Castles, Palaces, Spells, Clans, Knights, Shrines Wizards, Shoguns, Trebuchets, Yokai Dragons, Kaiju
Level 1 x7 x8 x9 x10
Level 2 x14 x16 x18 x20
Level 3 x28 x32 x36 x40
Level 4 x56 x64 x72 x80
Level 5 x112 x128 x144 x160
Level 6 x224 x256 x288 x320
Level 7 x448 x512 x576 x640
Level 8 x896 x1024 x1152 x1280


Researcher Comrade Trade Drumsticks, Sushi Power Magic, Shurikens Power Swords, Scrolls Power
Level 1 x5 x4 x6 x8
Level 2 x10 x8 x12 x16
Level 3 x20 x16 x24 x32
Level 4 x40 x32 x48 x64
Level 5 x80 x64 x96 x128
Level 6 x160 x128 x192 x256

Cost of Researchers in Events

Researcher Cost: Common Cost: Rare Copies Needed
Level 1 Free Free 1
Level 2 100 250 5
Level 3 200 500 10
Level 4 300 1000 20
Level 5 400 2500 50
Level 6 800 5000 100
Level 7 2000 10000 200
Level 8 4000 400
Level 9 8000 800
Science per card 30 In shop
Gold per card 250 15 In shop




Version 2.0: Researchers were mentioned, but the page was not operational and said coming soon.

Near Version 3.0: Researchers were first leaked on twitter giving players a vague idea on how they would work

Version 3.0: Researchers were added in the game, giving AdCom a whole new mechanic. The update gave out 80 researchers, 50 of them being common researchers who would automate and speed up one industry, 15 rare researchers that boost luck, power, or comrades in one of five categories, 10 epic researchers that give a 90% discount per upgrade (excluding comrades) or increasing luck power, and finally 5 supreme researchers that Boost all five categories in luck, power, comrades, discount, and luck power

Version 3.3 Added 9 more researchers that boost tier 1 industries, and made capsules more valuable

Version 4.11 Significantly redesigned half of the rare, epic, and all five supreme researchers Making them more detailed and bigger.

Version 5.1 Significantly redesigned the rest of the rare and epic cards.