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Rank 53 follows Rank 52, and requires 14 out of 17 Missions to rank up to Rank 54. There is no researcher unlocked at this rank.


Do not upgrade any researchers/spend any science unless you absolutely have to in order to progress through the rank, as Rank 54 starts off with a Promote Researchers mission (Upgrade 5 Cards).

# Name Requirement Reward
1 Tanks Very Much! Own 951,952 Tanks Wood
2 R&D Asap! Spend 11,000 Science Stone
3 A Healthy People! Collect 911 QQ Placebos Stone
4 Dig That Rig! Own 258 M Oil Rigs Wood
5 That Ship has Sailed! Own 999 M Harbours Wood
6 Cooler than Warm Storage! Own 8 B Cold Storages Wood
7 Stronger than Dirt! Collect 14 WW Ore Wood
8 Artillery Deployed! Own 2.9 B Artilleries Stone
9 Pick a Card! Any Card! Collect 650 Cards Wood
10 More Potatoes, More Glory! Collect 778 DDD Potatoes Wood
11 Perfect for Nuclear Wessels! Own 1,986 Nuclear Plants Stone
12 Always Give 100%! Own 3.9 B Blood Banks Wood
13 Hankering for Tankering! Own 4.2 B Tankers Stone
14 Armed and Glorious! Collect 6.7 WW Bullets Wood
15 Hospitable Host-Pital! Own 8 Hospitals Stone
16 Cooler than Warm Storage! Own 38 B Cold Storages Wood
17 Perfect for Nuclear Wessels! Own 23,496 Nuclear Plants Stone