Rank 42 is the rank succeeding Rank 41. Isaac Culkin, who automates and speeds up Cold Storages, becomes available at this rank. 14 out of the 17 missions in this rank must be completed to move on to Rank 43.

# Name Requirement Reward
1 Pick a Card! Any Card! Collect 350 Cards Stone
2 From Farm to Pharmacy Own 767,545 Pharmacies Wood
3 Land in the Hand! Collect 54.99 RR Land Wood
4 Exciting Boring Work! Own 96 M Deep Bores Wood
5 Always Give 100%! Own 13 Blood Banks Wood
6 Armed and Glorious! Collect 332.99 OO Bullets Wood
7 Promote Researchers Upgrade 3 Cards Stone
8 That Ship has Sailed! Own 789 M Harbours Wood
9 More Potatoes, More Glory! Collect 3.14 WW Potatoes Stone
10 Dig That Rig! Own 642 M Oil Rigs Wood
11 Always Give 100%! Own 870,035 Blood Banks Stone
12 Land in the Hand! Collect 25 WW Land Wood
13 Armed and Glorious! Collect 4 QQ Bullets Wood
14 Cooler Than Warm Storage! Own 360 Cold Storages Stone
15 Dig That Rig! Own 2 B Oil Rigs Stone
16 Always Give 100%! Own 888 M Blood Banks Stone
17 More Potatoes, More Glory! Collect 30 ZZ Potatoes Wood

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