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Rank 38 is the rank succeeding Rank 37. The researcher Queen of Groots, who increases the amount of cards in Wood Capsules, unlocks at this rank. Twelve out of the fifteen missions of this rank must be completed to move on to Rank 39.

# Name Requirement Reward
1 Duck and Coal! Own 975,319 Coal Plants Wood
2 Spade and Trade! Trade 24 Potato Stone
3 Science Rules! Collect 2,400 Science Stone
4 From Farm to Pharmacy Own 848,484 Pharmacies Wood
5 Stronger than Dirt! Collect 36 NN Ore Wood
6 Rail Sale Own 99 M Trains Wood
7 Armed and Glorious! Collect 444 MM Bullets Wood
8 Pick a Card! Any Card! Collect 240 Cards Stone
9 From Farm to Pharmacy Own 565 M Pharmacies Wood
10 That Ship has Sailed! Own 51,562 Harbours Wood
11 Barge Right In! Own 1 B Barges Wood
12 Dig That Rig! Own 7 M Oil Rigs Wood
13 Always Give 100%! Own 6 Blood Banks Stone
14 Land in the Hand! Collect 54.2 TT Land Wood
15 Tanks Very Much! Own 698 M Tanks Stone