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Rank 3 is the rank following Rank 2. It can still be considered part of the tutorial, even though the game doesn't guide you through the missions. This rank is the first rank that properly unlocks some researchers. Rank 3 unlocks 2 researchers; Milly the Mighty, who automates and speeds up Workers, and The Groovers, that increase the chance of obtaining bonus resources in the Land industry. It is considered a special rank as some missions' rewards are not a capsule. It is the third rank that requires the player to complete every mission in order to rank up. In the case of Rank 3, players will only be able to rank up to Rank 4 after completing all the 7 missions.

# Name Requirement Reward
1 Science Rules! Collect 5 Science Wood
2 On the Job Train-ing! Own 100 Freights 25 Science
3 More Potatoes, More Glory! Own 50 B Potatoes Wood
4 Break Ground! Unlock Land industry 25 Science
5 Work Smarter! And Harder! Own 25 Workers Wood
6 Chop Chop! Own 100 Clearcut 10 Gold
7 Land in the Hand! Collect 1 M Land Wood