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Rank 154 is the rank following Rank 153. No new researchers unlock at this rank. You must complete 20 out of 23 missions available to move on to Rank 155.

Similar to Rank 153, there is a mission for Mechs that takes several days' worth of manual crits even with max cards. This mission will likely need to be skipped.

# Name Requirement Reward
1 Swap-Port the Troops! Trade 59 Military Wood
2 Health From Above! Own 160 B Air Rescues Stone
3 This Is a Drill! Own 44 B Laser Drills Wood
4 Science Rules! Collect 27,000 Science Stone
5 Armed and Glorious! Collect 60 DDDD Bullets Wood
6 Resistance Is Futile! Own 300 M Cyborgs Stone
7 Land in the Hand! Collect 3 MMMM Land Wood
8 More Potatoes, More Glory! Collect 9.8 OOOO Potatoes Wood
9 Health From Above! Own 2.2 T Air Rescues Wood
10 Armed and Glorious! Collect 50 FFFF Bullets Stone
11 Stronger than Dirt! Collect 400 FFFF Ore Wood
12 Resistance Is Futile! Own 1.36 B Cyborgs Wood
13 A Healthy People! Collect 80 DDDD Placebos Stone
14 Stronger than Dirt! Collect 230 GGGG Ore Stone
15 Glorious! Glorious! Own 4,000 Cloning Labs Wood
16 Shoveling Clouds! Own 10.2 T Sky Farms Stone
17 Armed and Glorious! Collect 3.6 GGGG Bullets Wood
18 Science Rules! Collect 23,000 Science Stone
19 Glorious! Glorious! Own 360,000 Cloning Labs Wood
20 Hot Stuff Own 30 M Magma Extractors Wood
21 A Healthy People! Collect 7 FFFF Placebos Wood
22 Armed and Glorious! Collect 150 IIII Bullets Stone
23 Robust Robot Own 40 Mechs Stone