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Rank 146 is the rank following Rank 145. No new researchers unlock at this rank. You must complete 20 out of 23 missions available to move on to Rank 147.

This rank is the first rank with missions requiring Cloning Labs which, ironically, actually have a much lower unlock and previous-tier cost than Magma Extractors, and a placebo price easily affordable to those who are able to afford Air Rescues needed to unlock them.

This is also the first rank where it is absolutely necessary to complete at least one Air Rescues mission, whereas in previous ranks Air Rescues missions could be skipped, even if it would result in needing to do a huge comrade mission instead.

# Name Requirement Reward
1 Pill Shiller! Trade 55 Placebo Wood
2 R&D Asap! Spend 50,000 Science Stone
3 Armed and Glorious! Collect 9.2 ZZZ Bullets Wood
4 Set Us Up The Bomb! Own 450 B Bombers Stone
5 Stronger than Dirt! Collect 100 ZZZ Ore Wood
6 More Potatoes, More Glory! Collect 23 GGGG Potatoes Stone
7 Fab Lab Grab! Own 245 B Laboratories Wood
8 A Healthy People! Collect 679 UUU Placebos Wood
9 Noob Tube! Own 975 B Tube Travels Wood
10 Armed and Glorious! Collect 89 BBBB Bullets Stone
11 Health From Above! Own 25 M Air Rescues Wood
12 Land in the Hand! Collect 2.3 IIII Land Wood
13 Promote Researchers Upgrade 2 Cards Stone
14 The Future is Now! Own 58.5 B Fusion Plants Stone
15 Resistance Is Futile! Own 420,000 Cyborgs Wood
16 Stronger than Dirt! Collect 2 DDDD Ore Stone
17 Health From Above! Own 100 M Air Rescues Wood
18 More Potatoes, More Glory! Collect 52 LLLL Potatoes Stone
19 A Healthy People! Collect 580 WWW Placebos Wood
20 Glorious! Glorious! Own 3 Cloning Labs Wood
21 Stronger than Dirt! Collect 300 GGGG Ore Wood
22 Resistance Is Futile! Own 90 M Cyborgs Stone
23 The Future is Now! Own 9 T Fusion Plants Stone