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Rank 130 is the rank following Rank 129. No new researchers unlock at this rank. You must complete 20 of 23 missions available to move on to Rank 131, when it is released. This is currently the final rank.

Max Rank.png
# Name Requirement Reward
1 Stronger than Dirt! Collect 42 WWW Ore Wood
2 Promote Researchers Upgrade 2 Cards Stone
3 Pill Shiller! Trade 52 Placebo Wood
4 More Like Your-Ranium! Own 40 B Uranium Mines Stone
5 Armed and Glorious! Collect 3.8 YYY Bullets Wood
6 Science Rules! Collect 19,000 Science Stone
7 Coast Busters! Own 48 B Coast Guards Wood
8 A Healthy People! Collect 6.76 TTT Placebos Wood
9 Noob Tube! Own 765 B Tube Travels Wood
10 More Potatoes, More Glory! Collect 5.5 FFFF Potatoes Stone
11 Fab Lab Grab! Own 900 T Laboratories Wood
12 Land in the Hand! Collect 43.1 GGGG Land Wood
13 Pick a Card! Any Card! Collect 2,850 Cards Stone
14 The Future is Now! Own 1.85 M Fusion Plants Stone
15 Collecting Collector Collection! Own 460 B Ozone Collectors Wood
16 More Potatoes, More Glory! Collect 85 IIII Potatoes Stone
17 Health From Above! Own 2,662 Air Rescues Wood
18 Science Rules! Collect 20,000 Science Stone
19 Armed and Glorious! Collect 7.4 BBBB Bullets Wood
20 Health From Above! Own 24,942 Air Rescues Wood
21 More Potatoes, More Glory! Collect 8.88 LLLL Potatoes Wood
22 This Is a Drill! Own 176 M Laser Drills Stone
23 The Future is Now! Own 17.3 M Fusion Plants Stone