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Rank 11 is the rank following Rank 10. This rank unlocks Duke O'Hazzard, who automates and speeds up Soldiers, and Gimli Yosemite Sam, who gives extra chance to all Ore industries to crit for even more resources. Rank 11 has 13 Missions, and at least 10 of them must be completed in order to rank up to Rank 12.

# Name Requirement Reward
1 A Miner Advantage! Own 6 B Miners Wood
2 Promote Researchers Upgrade 3 Cards Stone
3 Sewer Pursuer Own 13,000 Sewers Wood
4 Stronger than Dirt! Collect 4 DD Ore Stone
5 Grow-It-All! Own 77,777 Irrigations Wood
6 Earth Shattering Kaboom! Own 500,000 Blasting Sites Wood
7 Pick a Card! Any Card! Collect 50 Cards Wood
8 Professional Burrower! Own 950,000 Mines Wood
9 Sewer Pursuer Own 2.4 M Sewers Wood
10 Barrack and Roll! Own 33,000 Barracks Stone
11 Duck and Coal! Own 65 Coal Plants Wood
12 Professional Burrower! Own 1.7 M Mines Wood
13 Convoy Envoy! Own 40 Convoys Wood