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Pringlett is a Researcher that boosts the Potato Industry.

Unlocking him decreases the cost of all Potato Industries.

Every level of Pringlett divides the cost of all Potato Industries by powers of ten. For example, if a plantation cost 10.00 B potatoes, with a level 1 Pringlett, plantation will cost 1.00 B potatoes. A level 2 Pringlett would make plantations cost 100.00 M potatoes, and the pattern continues. The formula would be (Base Cost) / (10 Level of Pringlett ).

The artwork for Pringlett and the name seems to be a combination of Julius Pringles , the guy on the pringles packets, and Diglett from Pokémon.

Pringlett Discount Science Cost Cards Required
Level 1 X10 Free 1
Level 2 X100 400 2
Level 3 X1,000 2000 5
Level 4 X10,000 4,000 10
Level 5 X100,000 8,000 20
Level 6 X1 M 20,000 50
Level 7 X10 M 50,000 100
Level 8 X100 M 100,000 200