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A Mission is a task provided to the player to complete in order to earn a reward, usually a Capsule. Reaching a new Rank requires completing a certain number of missions. Each mission completed will reward a Wood Capsule or Stone Capsule, and ranking up will reward a Silver Capsule. Some missions also reward Gold or Science.

Most ranks have three more missions than you need to rank up. These are optional, bonus missions that may be completed for extra Capsules or skipped depending on your preference. These extra missions may also give you options if you want to skip a particularly troublesome mission encountered earlier in the rank (eg. Promote Researchers when all your researchers cost 20k+ Science to upgrade).

Mission types[]

Unlock industry
Collect enough of a base resource to unlock a specific Industry.
Perform a certain number of Trades for a certain industry.
Collect resources
Produce or buy a certain amount of a specific Resource.
Collect cards
Collect a certain number of Cards from opening Capsules or by spending Gold in the shop.
Collect science
Collect a certain amount of science from opening Capsules, collecting Resources, or by spending Gold in the shop.
Spend science
Spend a certain amount of science upgrading Researchers or in the shop.
Promote researchers
Promote a certain number of researchers by spending Cards and Science.

Missions by rank[]

Missions are listed on each respective rank page. Please feel free use the mission table template when adding new ranks and remember to link the missions.

Mission names[]

Each type of mission has a name, and missions with the same basic objective (eg. collect potatoes) but different amount requirements will have the same name.

Name Category
Break Ground! Unlock Land
First Draft! Unlock Ore
Health Before Wealth! Unlock Bullets
Re-Search And Destroy Unlock Placebos
More Potatoes, More Glory! Potatoes
Land in the Hand! Land
Stronger Than Dirt Ore
Armed and Glorious! Bullets
A Healthy People! Placebos
Salt of the Earth! Farmers
Work Smarter! And Harder! Workers
A Miner Advantage! Miners
Army Of One! Soldiers
First Aid Nurses
All Together Now! Communes
Chop Chop! Clearcuts
Excava-Terrific! Excavators
Barrack And Roll! Barracks
Precision Care Clinics
On the Job Train-ing! Freights
Pave the Way Forward! Roads
Earth Shattering Kaboom! Blasting Sites
Convoy Enjoy! Convoys
Ambulance-A-Lot! Ambulances
Plantation Association! Plantations
Sewer Pursuer Sewers
Professional Burrower! Mines
Bustling Bunkers! Bunkers
From Farm to Pharmacy Pharmacies
Grow-It-All! Irrigations
Duck and Coal! Coal Plants
Exciting Boring Work! Deep Bores
Tanks Very Much! Tanks
Always Give 100% Blood Banks
Glass Walls! Greenhouses
Rail Sale Trains
Dig That Rig! Oil Rigs
Artillery Deployed! Artilleries
Hospitable Host-Pital! Hospitals
Barge Right In! Barges
That Ship has Sailed! Harbours
Hankering for Tankering! Tankers
Better than Friendship! Battleships
Coast Busters! Coast Guards
Cooler Than Warm Storage Cold Storages
Perfect for Nuclear Wessels! Nuclear Plants
More Like Your-Ranium! Uranium Mines
Fortress to Impress! Fortresses
Fab Lab Grab! Laboratories
A Must for Dusting! Crop Dusters
Red Eye Flight! Airports
Collecting Collector Collection! Ozone Collectors
Set Us Up The Bomb! Bombers
Health From Above! Air Rescues
Dome Rhymes With Home! Biodomes
Noob Tube! Tube Travels
This Is A Drill! Laser Drills
Resistance Is Futile! Cyborgs
Glorious! Glorious! Cloning Labs
Shoveling Clouds! Sky Farms
The Future is Now! Fusion Plants
Spade and Trade! Trade Potatoes
This Land is Your Land! Trade Land
Trade Ore-ganization! Trade Ore
Swap-Port the Troops! Trade Bullets
Pill Shiller! Trade Placebos
Science Rules! Collect Science
R&D Asap! Spend Science
Pick A Card! Any Card! Collect Researchers
Promote Researchers Promote Researchers