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Minecraft Thrain reduces the cost of Ore industries, but does not affect the comrade cost. He is an epic researcher, so it is often difficult to obtain and level him up.

Minecraft Thrain is a reference to Mojang's Minecraft and Thrain, King of Durin's Folk in The Hobbit.

The artwork is a reference to the default Minecraft player model, Steve.

The quote is a reference to Notch, the creator of Minecraft.

Minecraft Thrain Discount Science Cost Cards Required
Level 1 X10 Free 1
Level 2 X100 400 2
Level 3 X1,000 2000 5
Level 4 X10,000 4,000 10
Level 5 X100,000 8,000 20
Level 6 X1 M 20,000 50
Level 7 X10 M 50,000 100
Level 8 X100 M 100,000 200