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Jar J. Musk is the discount researcher for the Land industry. He reduces the resource and building cost of all land industries. However, he does not reduce the comrade cost of land industries.

He can be unlocked at Rank 3.

Jar J. Musk appears to reference Elon Musk who is a South African entrepreneur who co founded Tesla and founded Space-X and also Jar Jar Binks who is a fictional character from the Star Wars saga.

Jar J. Musk Discount Science Cost Cards Required
Level 1 X10 Free 1
Level 2 X100 400 2
Level 3 X1,000 2000 5
Level 4 X10,000 4,000 10
Level 5 X100,000 8,000 20
Level 6 X1 M 20,000 50
Level 7 X10 M 50,000 100
Level 8 X100 M 100,000 200