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An industry is a collection of resources with a common theme in AdVenture Communist. Each industry consists of a base resource and at least 10 tiers of production resources. There are five industries in the game: the Potato industry, the Land industry, the Ore industry, the Military industry, and the Placebo industry. The resources need comrades to run. The first tier generator produces that industry's resource, such as potatoes. Each additional generator tier of an industry produces the previous tier (e.g. communes produce farmers).

Prior to version 3 the tier numbers have a category to each tier. Because of replacing several generators or moving them to other tiers in version 3, not all of the generators totally fit in the categories. E.g. Roads and Blasting Sites in tier 3.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Jobs Minor Buildings Land Vehicles Work sites Supporting industrial Industrial Boats Dangerous Industrial Planes Future Machines Dangerous Future

Table of Industries:

Base Resource


Tier 1 Producer
Tier 2 Producer
Tier 3 Producer
Tier 4 Producer
Tier 5 Producer
Tier 6 Producer
Tier 7 Producer
Tier 8 Producer
Tier 9 Producer
Tier 10 Producer
Tier 11 Producer
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