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This guide gives tips about the main game of AdVenture Communist based on which rank you are in motherland, such as what researchers to focus on and upcoming walls and difficult missions.

Tutorial - Ranks 1-19[]

The game starts at Rank 1, which contains the first part of the tutorial. The game will prompt you to manually run Farmers to produce Potatoes. Once you have 10 Potatoes, you will be able to buy another farmer. Unlike most other idle games such as AdVenture Capitalist, the price of generators does not increase as you buy more of them. Instead, purchases are limited by not only resources but Comrades which are produced at a linear rate starting at 1 per second. Once the quantity of a generator reaches a certain threshold, the next generator of the industry is unlocked, Communes in this case. This generator costs more Potatoes and also the previous generator but instead of producing more Potatoes, it produces the previous generator. Upon unlocking Communes, missions will start appearing, which are goals that you need to complete in order to rank up.

Upon completing 3 missions, the game will prompt you to rank up to Rank 2, which resets your resources, generators, and comrades. In exchange, you will be granted a Silver Capsule that contains some science and your first Researcher, Ringo Ringlet, who automates Farmers, meaning you do not have to tap on them anymore, and also increases their speed. Upon completing the first mission of Rank 2, you will earn a wood capsule which contains more science and another copy of Ringo Ringlet. You will then be prompted to spend 50 science to upgrade him to level 2 which speeds up farmers by another 2x. Upon completing the third mission, the game will then ask you to make your first Trade to increase your comrades per second.

The Silver Capsule awarded for ranking up to Rank 3 contains your first rare researcher, Mactuber, who increases the power of all potato industries. Rank 3 introduces the science reward for reaching a power of 10 of a generator, as well as unlocking the Land Industry. Rank 4 allows you to have two missions active at a time, while Rank 5 will teach you that you can spend gold on time warps, and provides a time warp to use for free. Rank 5 also requires you to unlock the third industry, the Ore Industry. Rank 6 unlocks Special Operations which provides tasks you can complete to earn more rewards, and unlocks a third mission slot. At Rank 8, Events are unlocked, which are limited-time games similar to the main game that provide lucrative rewards based on how far you progress in the event. Even if you don't spend any gold or money you will typically be able to get far enough in the event to earn over 10k science and several epic researchers, allowing you to progress through the early ranks quickly. Rank 10 introduces the fourth industry, the Military Industry, and Rank 17 introduces the fifth and final industry, the Placebo Industry.

During the first ranks, you will often be required to spend comrades on a generator that is not the deepest generator, such as when the deepest generator is not automated and produces a small amount of the above generator, compared to the amount you need to complete a mission. However, in later ranks, you will find that you will either have plenty of that generator from the amount needed to unlock the next or be able to produce many times more from manually running that generator than you could gain by buying them with comrades. Once that happens, it is recommended to not buy generators that are not your deepest generator.

Starting from Rank 5, you will notice that there are still missions to complete when you have the option to rank up. Every rank starting from Rank 7 will have optional bonus missions that you can either choose to complete for extra capsules or skip and rank up immediately. Whichever choice you make is based on personal preference, but generally if a bonus mission does not take much longer to complete than reaching the end of the rank you should do it, otherwise feel free to skip it if it looks like it will take too long. These missions also give you options on which goals to complete in case one mission is too difficult for your current cards, though you are unlikely to run into walls this early in the game, especially since there are missions prompting you to upgrade your researchers.

By Rank 20, you should have amassed a decent collection of researchers and science, perhaps most commons at level 5-6, rares at level 3-5, and epics at level 1-2. If you managed to find a supreme researcher this early in the game, consider yourself very lucky, congratulations!

Early Ranks - Ranks 20-34[]

At this point, you should still be progressing through the ranks fairly quickly (a few days per rank), but you'll notice ranks gradually getting more difficult. You can spend your science on researcher upgrades to speed up progress, but keep in mind missions appear almost every rank requiring you to spend science or upgrade cards. You don't need to worry too much about saving for those missions because you constantly get more science from mission capsules, Free Capsules, and science bubbles from your generators, but it's still a good idea to save some science for these missions, say 1,000 science, increasing to a few thousand by the end of this section.

During these ranks, the most difficult missions will typically be the most recently introduced generators, starting with Deep Bores at Rank 20, then a re-appearance of Trains at Rank 21. Pharmacies are not very difficult to allow you time to build up your placebo researchers, but Barges starting at Rank 27, Tanks starting at Rank 29, Oil Rigs starting at Rank 31, and Harbours starting at Rank 34 will all prove to be challenging, especially if you are too conservative with science and upgrading cards. These new generators also will require significant comrade investments to unlock, so be sure to be upgrading your trade rares, especially Salvadorville, Adrian X. Vultor, and Sir Lance Egon.

At Rank 34, a new type of rare researchers start to unlock. However, these rare researchers, while providing a respectable boost the first time you get them, only boost one generator 2x each level after that. This means they are only as powerful as a single common researcher, and you should only be willing to spend the same amount of science on them. For example, if your commons are level 7, Magdonut should be level 5.

If you play events actively and/or got some lucky supreme researchers (that provide a boost to every industry), you might not spend very long in this section. Nonetheless, try to have level 5-6 commons, level 6-7 comrade rares and power rares, and level 3-4 bonus epics by Rank 35, which is about when you will want to start saving for supreme researchers.

Supreme Researchers - Ranks 35-49[]

Rank 35 or so is the point where you will want to think about acquiring your first supreme researchers. You may have lucked out and gotten them randomly in capsules. If not, you will need to buy them in the shop. They cost 40k science each and only appear for science in the bottom middle slot 12% of the time, or 2.4% of a specific supreme. This means, on average, a supreme appears in the science slot every 2.78 days, and a specific supreme appears every 13.89 days, though if you're unlucky you could be waiting 2 months for it to show up. As for the supremes themselves, Earth Wyrm Jym (comrades) and Alf Stark (crit bonus) are top tier, Ratchemus Prime (power) and Mega Tron (discount) are mid-tier, and Dr. Shortstack (luck chance) is the worst supreme and should not be bought in the shop. Of the first two, it is debatable which one to go for first, but as the 40s ramp up production significantly it is recommended to go for Alf Stark first if you don't already have him, though there are arguments for buying Earth Wyrm Jym first or buying whichever one appears first. Regardless, you should start saving science, which means limiting spending to when a mission requires it or when you get stuck on a Wall (such as Rank 44).

During this section, there are two outlier production missions that you may want to skip. The first is 55 YY Potatoes at Rank 37, which is about 20 times more difficult than the hardest mission of the previous rank, and there is not a harder mission until Rank 43. The other outlier is Rank 47's 90 UU Placebos, a ~16x jump in difficulty from the previous rank, without a harder mission appearing until Rank 55. However, if you play events actively, even these missions won't be too much of a challenge, especially if you have managed to get 32k bonus (Alf Stark 2 + Bonus Epics 5).

In addition, there are some ranks that will prove challenging to players that skip the difficult missions. Rank 39 requires either 128 Blood Banks ( 10 MM Placebos each before discount), 2 VV Land, or 33 MM Placebos to complete. But Rank 44 is one of the most infamous walls in the early game. While Rank 43 let you get away with 677 OO Placebos if you could not get 1.4 QQ Bullets, many players with weak production researchers will get stuck on 300 YY Land, 23 Artilleries (each costing 1 RR Bullets with 10k discount), and 8.2 VV Ore. This wall may not be a big deal for those who have at least one copy of Alf Stark or play events actively, but can still come as a surprise for those used to comrade missions taking the longest.

Your goal before the 50s is to have at least one copy (preferably 2) of each Alf Stark and Earth Wyrm Jym, comrade rares at least level 7, and bonus epics at least level 4.

The Comrade Era - Ranks 50-69[]

In the 50s comrade requirements increase rather quickly while the most difficult production missions remain stagnant (though you are more likely to run into walls if you skip missions). From this point until Rank 116, it is safe to assume each rank will take about a week with "average" researchers. If your researchers are overleveled, you might spend a few days per rank, whereas if you are behind you might spend a few weeks per rank.

During this era you should get your first Earth Wyrm Jym if you haven't already, then try to get him to level 2. In addition, you will want to level up your comrade researchers to level 7, and eventually level 8. A reasonable goal is 200 k comrades per second for the 50s and 500 k for the 60s. Keep upgrading your production researchers as necessary as well. The most difficult production mission of the 50s is 13 DDD Ore at Rank 55. If you have trouble saving science for supremes, play actively in events and try not to spend science except for missions that require it and walls that would take too long without those upgrades (even better, look at the missions for upcoming ranks and plan your purchases to complete the spend science/upgrade card missions with upgrades that would help with upcoming challenges).

After you get Earth Wyrm Jym to level 2, your next goal is to get your second Alf Stark, as production difficulty starts increasing again in the 60s. After that, try to get Ratchemus Prime to level 2, then Mega Tron to level 2. Next, ignore Dr. Shortstack as his boost is insignificant for the price and instead work on getting Alf Stark and Earth Wyrm Jym to level 3. Because comrade rares will likely reach the cards for level 9 before bonus epics level 6, you should probably aim for Alf 3 first.

Starting at Rank 60, production difficulty increases as well as comrades, so try to have at least 32k bonus, 256 power, and level 7 commons. Of note, Airports, which first appear at Rank 67, cost in the range of KFC Land, which is close to expecting 131k bonus.

By Rank 70, try to have level 3 Alf Stark, progress towards level 3 Earth Wyrm Jym, and level 2 Ratchemus Prime and Mega Tron, along with level 8-9 comrade rares and level 5-6 bonus epics.

Level 3 Supremes - Ranks 70-89[]

Ranks starting with Rank 70 are balanced around active event play, which means if you skipped events up until this point and continue to do so, expect to struggle with these ranks. Both comrades and production continue to increase during these ranks, so it is recommended to have 1 M cps and 131k bonus for the 70s and 2 M cps and 524k bonus for the 80s. This means you will want level 3 Alf Stark and Earth Wyrm Jym, level 9 comrade rares, and level 6 bonus epics sometime during these ranks.

To complete each rank, you should look at the wiki page or mission tracker for that rank and anticipate (or calculate) the difficulty of each difficult production mission, and unlock the top generator for those industries first so that they can get to work on those missions while you go on to complete the comrade missions. The optimal order in which you unlock the generators will also depend on your researchers (for example, if you do not yet have Monsieur Frites at level 6, you will want to unlock Biodomes early in the ranks).

Each generator introduced in this stretch of ranks each come with their own challenges. Coast Guards are nearly 3 times more difficult than Airports which already were likely a struggle. Fortresses are a major jump in comrades from the previous five generators ( Crop Dusters thru Coast Guards require 40 B - 60 B each to unlock, but Fortresses thru Laboratories need 160 B - 250 B to unlock). Biodomes and Ozone Collectors are both significant jumps in production difficulty, and Tube Travels's Airports cost of 100 BB before discount will prove challenging to afford.

The previous-tier cost of these generators start to become balanced around manual crits, which at this point should produce billions of the previous tier each. Biodomes cost 100 B Crop Dusters (half the unlock!) with 10 M discount, then Ozone Collectors cost 1 T Uranium Mines with 10 M discount and 100 B Uranium Mines with 100 M discount. Tube Travels are even worse, even with 100 M discount they cost 1 T Airports, making the pre-auto mission at Rank 87 notoriously difficult.

Continue to buy supremes in the shop and upgrade your other researchers during these ranks. Try to keep at least 80k science on hand at all times in case your desired supreme appears twice in a short span of time. Your goal by Rank 90 should be to get Alf Stark to level 4 and Ratchemus Prime to level 3, as production ramps up quickly in the 90s. Earth Wyrm Jym level 4 is lower priority, as the jump in comrades is at Rank 100 instead. In addition, you will want to start working towards bonus epics 7 and comrade rares 10. Starting at Rank 87, Epic Capsules contain 20 epic cards, and as once epic cards reach max level they provide 500 science per extra card, spending 10k science on these capsules will break even long-term, so consider buying them if you have extra science.

The Production Era - Ranks 90-99[]

The theme of the 90s is a rapid increase in production difficulty. In the span of just 10 ranks, production missions become about 16 times harder. While Rank 90 is pretty much the same as the last few ranks, Rank 91 has a 3.5 WWW Ore at the end, which is about 3 times more difficult than the KFC Placebos in previous ranks, but this is only the beginning.

Starting at Rank 92, Laboratories missions start appearing. While the unlock and previous tier cost should be manageable at this point, the placebo cost in the MMM's after discount mean 2 M bonus is basically required to afford them. Ranks 92-95 also each have a difficult potato mission, ranging from 7.3 CCCC Potatoes to 432 DDDD Potatoes, and Rank 94 additionally has 18 XXX Ore.

Even if you skip missions to rank up as soon as you can, expect to run into production walls. For example, Rank 93 has 20 Laboratories, 300 Laboratories, and 89 CCCC Potatoes, meaning you can be forced to complete a Laboratories mission as early as the first rank The Kill Me Nows become available. If your production researchers are lacking, you could spend 2 weeks to a month on walls like this.

Starting at Rank 97, Bombers make Laboratories look easy with the cost of 100 TTT Bullets and 10 T Fortresses with 100 M discount. The Fortresses cost can make the pre-auto mission at Rank 97 difficult even if you have 8 M bonus (which Bombers and the following generators are close to needing anyway). In addition, the ore missions reach YYY in Rank 97 and Rank 98, and Laboratories certainly have not gone away. Rank 98 and Rank 99 are very difficult for those who skip the most difficult missions, as Rank 98 has two Laboratories missions and a Bombers mission. and Rank 99 has 123 Laboratories, 42 Bombers, 2.6 RRR Placebos, and 74 UUU Bullets.

By the end of this section, you should aim to get both Alf Stark and Earth Wyrm Jym to level 4, Ratchemus Prime and Mega Tron to level 3, some comrade rares to level 10, and some bonus epics to level 7 (especially Ann Munition).

The Plateau - Ranks 100-115[]

Starting at rank 100, comrade requirements are about double that of the 90s, both with the missions and the unlocks of the next three generators. It is recommended to have at least 10 M comrades per second for these ranks. This means Earth Wyrm Jym at level 4 and comrade rares (at least ore, bullets, and placebos) at level 10.

Thankfully, production does not get too much harder than the late 90s here. In fact, the next two generators, Sky Farms and Laser Drills are similar in production difficulty to Bombers, only increasing in comrades to unlock and the previous tier cost, and the generator after that, Fusion Plants, is only about twice as difficult as bombers. However, the previous tier cost of these generators continue to increase from the 1 CC of Bombers to 10 CC for Sky Farms and 100 CC for both Laser Drills and Fusion Plants. This means the pre-auto missions for each of these generators will require discount upgrades to complete in a reasonable number of crits. Rank 102's Sky Farms mission expects at least 1 B discount (Pringlett level 6 and Mega Tron level 3) while Rank 107's Laser Drills and Rank 113's Fusion Plants need 10 B discount (either discount epic level 7 or Mega Tron level 4).

After the jump in comrade requirements, the difficulty increase is much more gradual. However, it is recommended to get 8 M bonus if you haven't already to make the production missions less painful, in particular later bomber and bullet missions and other missions starting at Rank 106.

If you have been playing events actively, your rares should be getting close if not reaching max cards. This will provide you with extra science (each rare above max gets converted to 50 science, which adds up quickly), which will allow you to buy more supremes in the shop and better afford upgrades.

Road to Level 5 Supremes - Ranks 116-130[]

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Starting at Rank 116, production missions start increasing a bit faster but not insanely fast like in the 90s. However, comrade missions are relatively tame in this section, being only slightly higher than 100-115.

If you haven't already, upgrade Alf to level 4 and bonus epics to level 7, then start working towards level 5 Earth Wyrm Jym and Alf Stark, as they will be helpful for future ranks and require 20 cards for that last level. You will also likely need additional upgrades to production cards such as Ratchemus Prime 4, power rares 10, and commons 10 for the most difficult production missions and the new generators in this section, Air Rescues and Cyborgs that are both much more difficult than Bombers thru Fusion Plants. In addition, Cyborgs cost 10 DD Bombers, so it is recommended to get Mega Tron to level 4 for Cyborgs and later generators.

In addition, starting with Rank 120, each rank will have a collect card mission halfway through the rank and two collect science missions 1/4 and 3/4 through the rank. These missions can easily end up being the last missions you complete, especially in ranks without any difficult missions and later ranks because they increase much faster than missions in previous ranks. For the collect card mission, you may want to save event and Special Operations rewards to open on this mission. As for the collect science missions, save your science bubbles for the second mission and let mission capsules and free capsules take care of the first mission.

Level 5 Supreme Era - Ranks 131-150[]

Starting at around Rank 131, production missions reach the point where they become difficult without 33 M bonus, which requires either Alf Stark 5 or bonus epics 8. Similarly, players will want either the last 3 comrade rares or Earth Wyrm Jym maxed for the comrade missions in the 130s, and both for the 140s.

Starting at Rank 134, Magma Extractors missions start appearing. These have an ore price high enough to expect 33 M bonus, as well as having two ranks with pre-auto missions instead of one like most other generators. Fortunately, the generator cost is the same as Cyborgs and the unlock is only slightly higher than Cyborgs. Later on, Cloning labs start appearing at Rank 146 but aren't automated till Rank 148, like Magma Extractors. While the placebo price is not much harder than magmas, the unlock requires noticeably more comrades. The main challenge comes from the Air Rescues price of 1 EE, which means the pre-auto missions are only feasible with at least 1 T discount, requiring either Nurse Wretched or Mega Tron maxed.

During this section, you should continue to buy supremes from the shop. Get Alf Stark and Earth Wyrm Jym to level 5 if you haven't already, then start working on Ratchemus Prime and Mega Tron. At this point, you should have all rares at max cards, giving enough science income to afford to buy most if not all supremes that appear in the shop.

The Outlier Era - Ranks 151-160[]

During this section, missions continue to increase in difficulty like the last section. However, there are some missions that are far more difficult than the others and may need to be skipped.

Most of these missions are Mechs missions. Mechs are a large jump in production difficulty, to the point where 134 M bonus may be needed. However, the main challenge of mechs is the insane Cyborgs cost of 100 EE before discount. Even with max discount, this cost is 10 AA Cyborgs while with max bonus and power (including the ad boost) makes each Mechs crit produce 281 T Bombers. This means the second Mechs requires a minimum of 36 manual crits to afford, with each cycle taking 1h 25m. To make matters worse, Mechs missions start appearing not one, not two, but FIVE ranks before they can be automated, with two of those ranks having two Mechs missions and the highest pre-auto Mechs mission requiring 1,776 Mechs to complete. Needless to say, these missions should be skipped if you don't have 10 T discount and even with everything maxed you may want to skip those missions.

Once Mechs are automated, they become much easier but max bonus and discount will still be helpful. However, there are some insane comrade missions at the end. While Rank 158's 28 T Sky Farms and Rank 159's 4 T Fusion Plants aren't that bad, but Rank 160, the current final rank, has 200 T Magma Extractors and 132 T Fusion Plants, totalling nearly 1 AA comrades and requiring several months to complete during the wait for new ranks.

Once you complete Rank 160, congratulations! You have reached the current max rank. You can either continue to play events to gain more science and cards, just log in to collect capsules and buy researchers from the shop, play Hyper Hippo's other games AdVenture Capitalist and AdVenture Ages (the latter of which is a reskin of AdVenture Communist), or just take a break until the next batch of ranks are added.

Though be warned - if you upgrade every researcher to max, you will not be able to complete the upgrade card or spend science missions once more ranks are released. This means that some ranks will require you to complete a huge comrade mission to advance, which can take weeks. To avoid this, save at least some upgrades for these missions (perhaps don't upgrade commons past level 11 and save event researchers and unnecessary discount epics).