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Events are side games that can be played to earn rewards for the main game. Two types of events occur regularly each week - 100-hour weekend events and 32-hour mini events. There are also 11-day special events a few times per year.


Weekend events are not designed to be completely beaten without spending Gold or real money. However, good strategies and luck can make it to rank 17-18 in a weekend event for free, and spending some gold can achieve rank 19, and spending a lot of gold can beat rank 20. Mini events offer far fewer rewards, but can be beaten with little to no spending.

Reward Structures[]

Event Rewards have a rotation of five reward structures for weekend events, five for mini events, and one for special events. The reward structures have their advantages and disadvantages depending on what rewards players seek and what rank they are aiming to finish in the event.

  • For rank 19 runs in weekend events, reward structure 1 (18,000 science for rank 19) is the best, and reward structure 2 (12,000 science for rank 19) is the second best

Weekend Events[]

Communist Crusade/Ninja Union[]

Space Force/Comrade Cowboys[]

Anew Atlantis/Winter Motherland[]

Stone State[]

Mini Events[]

Shields Up/Potato Export[]

Quest for Oil/Power Underwhelming[]

Special Events[]

Supreme Santa/Spooky State[]