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Glorious Potato Factory is an event in AdVenture Communist. The event was first aired on March 3rd, 2022 and will finish on March 14th, 2022, being a reference to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Unlike Supreme Santa and Spooky State, this event is much more difficult due to the lack of scripted capsules that appear in most other events and generally more difficult missions, especially for Take Out Meals. Thus, it is not recommended to spend much more than 200 gold at the beginning of this event, as the rewards of the last 2 ranks are not worth the sheer expense and risk of aiming for them.

Industry Descriptions[]

Generator Description
Gumballs "Blowing large bubbles may result in Comrades floating in the air with no safe way down."
Lollipops "It's a candy on a stick! How covenient!"
Chocolate Bars "Dark, milk, or white, all chocolate is good for you!"
Licorice "Red licorice is obviously Comrades favorite kind of licorice."
Cotton Candy "They are like soft candy clouds with a gentle potato flavor."
Caramel Popcorn "Make sure to floss to get the sticky popcorn out from between your teeth!"
Bubble Tea "The best part is the chewy potato pearls at the bottom of the cup!"
Soda Pops "There is nothing better than feeling the carbonation go up your nose."
Fries "The only thing Comrades like more than a potato is a fried potato."
Hot dogs "Is a hot dog a sandwich? The age old debate lives on!"
Burgers "If you don't have to unhook your jaw to eat it, the burger isn't big enough." (Stack those patties high!)
Fried Chicken "It's been deep fried so many times, it's hard to tell where all the meat is."
Pizza "A Comrade's favorite kind of pizza? Pizza con patate of course!"
Oomrade-loomprade "Their rhyming skills may be lacking, but their sweet confections are lip-smacking!"
Taste Test Kits "Experiment with all kinds of sweet and sour flavors, but don't forget to add the State secret ingredient!"
Conveyor Belts "Moving candy around the factory, from point A to point Z!"
Distributors "By plane, train, or automobile, the greatest of Motherland candies have got to reach the masses!"
Comrade' Food Factories
Gravy Rivers "Careful not to fall in! You'll scald yourself in deliciousness!"
Spud Volcanoes "Come for the volcanic eruptions, stay for the starchy goodness!"
Potato Palaces


Name Boost effect Boost Strength Affects Rarity Rank
Pud Dukem Speed 9x/27x/81x/... Gumballs Common 1
Nerdyman Speed 9x/27x/81x/... Lollipops Common 2
Iggy Glooper Speed 9x/27x/81x/... Chocolate Bars Common 4
Cello Chanel Speed 3x/9x/27x/... Licorice Common 6
Maxine Bo-Beep Speed 15x/45x/135x/... Cotton Candy Common 9
Captain Saltine Speed 3x/9x/27x/... Hot dogs Common 14
Tapio-Gaga Speed 3x/9x/27x/... Bubble Tea Common 22
Barley Sugar Speed 3x/9x/27x/... Soda Pops Common 5
Fry 9000 Speed 3x/9x/27x/... Fries Common 6
Nic Pumperpickle Speed 3x/9x/27x/... Hot dogs Common 11
King Patty Whiteout Speed 3x/9x/27x/... Burgers Common 15
Colonel Loopy Toco Speed 3x/9x/27x/... Fried Chicken Common 21
Crusty Cowabunga Speed 3x/9x/27x/... Pizza Common 25
Loompapa Speed 3x/9x/27x/... Oomrade-loomprade Common 9
Wisker Grub Speed 3x/9x/27x/... Taste Test Kits Common 12
Bendward Sharphands Speed 3x/9x/27x/... Conveyor Belts Common 17
Vroom Von Swift Speed 3x/9x/27x/... Distributors Common 21
Ramsey Tenderloin Speed 3x/9x/27x/... Comrades' Food Factories Common 26
Julienne McSwamp Speed 3x/9x/27x/... Gravy Rivers Common 15
Ms. Simmer Speed 3x/9x/27x/... Spud Volcanoes Common 19
Ace Saucer Speed 3x/9x/27x/... Tater-vator Common 24
Raspoutine Speed 3x/9x/27x/... Potato Palaces Common 28
Sugarking Snail Power 8x/16x/32x/... Candy Rare 1
Chuck Bitter Trade 3x/6x/12x/... Candy Rare 2
Rapido Fryhamburg Power 16x/32x/64x/... Take out meal Rare 5
Grimace Bleuette Trade 5x/10x/20x/... Take out meal Rare 6
The Milles-Feuilles Trade 5x/10x/20x/... Crate Rare 10
Tom Nomnomnomington Power 5x/10x/20x/... Crate Rare 12
Biscuitosaurus Trade 5x/10x/20x/... Shiny ticket Rare 18
Ariel Saltwater Power 5x/10x/20x/... Shiny ticket Rare 20
Rory Smashmallow Power 10x/20x/30x/... All Rare 8
Baron Groundnutty Chance 9%/18%/36%/.. All Rare 9
Cheeta Ricotta Trade 10x/20x/30x/... All Rare 16
Cookie D Oh Bonus 10x/20x/30x/... Rare 23