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Events are weekly side games that are played separately from motherland for a limited time. Players must first be at Icon-rank-8.png Rank 8 or higher in order to participate in events.

Types of Events

There are three different type of events which includes: Midweek, Weekend and Holiday/Long.
Midweek events lasts for 32 hours from 16.00 UTC Tuesday to 00.00 UTC Thursday and have 11 ranks and 2 industries.
Weekend events lasts for 100 hours from 16.00 UTC Thursday to 20.00 UTC Monday and have 21 ranks and 3 industries.
Holiday/Long events lasts for 268 hours from 16.00 UTC Thursday to 20.00 UTC Monday and have 31 ranks and 4 industries.

Current Events

Weekend Events
Space.png Space Force Icon-multi-industry-crusade.png Communist Crusade Icon-multi-industry-atlantis.png Anew Atlantis Cowboyicon.png Comrade Cowboys
Ninjaicon.png Ninja Union Winter-motherland.png Winter Motherland Stone-state.png Stone State Zombie-multi-industry.png Zombie Revolution
Midweek Events
Defenseicon.png Shields Up Attackicon.png Quest for Oil Exporticon.png Potato Export Powericon.png Power Underwhelming
Holiday and Long Events
Spooky.png Spooky State Icon-multi-industry-santa.png Supreme Santa Factory-multi-industry.png Glorious Potato Factory


Version 3.0: Events were mentioned, but the page was not operational and said coming soon.

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