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Earth Wyrm Jym, one of the five Supreme Researchers, boosts the number of comrades that you gain from trades.

Given the heavy dependence on comrades for completing missions and increasing rank, this is probably the most valuable researcher available.

Earth Wyrm Jym's effect multiplies with the effect of other researchers. This means that if, for example, you have a level 5 Wacko Joker (x32 comrades from Land trades) and a level one Earth Wyrm Jym (x2 comrades from all trades) then every trade from the Land industry will grant you x64 more comrades.

Earth Wyrm Jym Comrade Bonus Science Cost Copies Needed
Level 1 x2 Free 1
Level 2 x4 5000 2
Level 3 x8 20000 5
Level 4 x16 50000 10
Level 5 x32 100000 20