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Captain D. Drumpf is a Researcher that boosts the tanker industry.

Unlocking him automatically runs tankers and multiplies the speed by 2.

He can be unlocked at rank 48.

Based on[]

Captain D. Drumpf's design is possibly based upon Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States. The name 'Drumpf' could be a reference to the pre-Anglicisation of Donald Trump's family name. The design of the researcher could also reference Horatio McCallister, the sea captain from the popular TV show The Simpsons.

The researcher's quote may reference Rodney Dangerfield, the stagename of stand up comedian Jack Roy. Dangerfield's catchphrase was 'I don't get no respect'. Dangerfield would play both a rich golfer in the 1980 film Caddyshack and a business tycoon in the 1986 film Back to School, both of which could tie into the researcher's reference to Donald Trump.


Captain D. Drumpf Speed Science cost Copies needed
Level 1 x2 Free 1
Level 2 x4 50 2
Level 3 x8 100 5
Level 4 x16 200 10
Level 5 x32 300 20
Level 6 x64 400 50
Level 7 x128 1000 100
Level 8 x256 2000 200
Level 9 x512 4000 400
Level 10 x1024 8000 800
Level 11 x2048 20000 1000
Level 12 x4096 50000 2000
Level 13 x8192 100000 5000