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Ann Munition is an epic researcher. Her ability is that all Bullet industries produce even more resources when lucky.

The artwork appears to refer to Annie Oakley, a famous female trick shooter, and Bullet Bill from the Super Mario Bros. franchise. Her name also sounds like "Ammu Nation", the gun shops is GTA franchise.

She can be unlocked at rank 17.

Ann Munition Boost Science Cost Cards Required
Level 1 X4 Free 1
Level 2 X16 400 2
Level 3 X64 2000 5
Level 4 X256 4,000 10
Level 5 X1,024 8,000 20
Level 6 X4,096 20,000 50
Level 7 X16.384 50,000 100
Level 8 X65,536 100,000 200