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Alf Stark, one of the five Supreme Researchers, increases the amount of bonus resources gained when an industry is lucky.

Unlocking will increase the amount of bonus resources gained from ALL industries when they are lucky. This causes a snowball effect and makes Alf Stark the best researcher in the game to unlock.

Alf Stark's effect multiplies with the effect of other researchers. This means that if, for example, you have a level 2 Heck Axe (x16 bonus resources when lucky in all Land Industries) and a level 1 Alf Stark (x4 bonus resources when lucky in all Industries) then everything in the Land industry will produce x64 bonus resources when lucky.

Alf Stark is based on that of the titular character of the 1980s sitcom ALF. The design of Alf Stark also references that of the Stark family from the book series A Song of Ice and Fire (and its TV adaptation Game of Thrones). Specifically, the design may reference the character of Ned Stark as he was portrayed in the TV adaptation.

The researcher's quote references lines said by both ALF and Ned Stark.

Alf Stark Bonus Resources

(When Lucky)

Science Cost Copies Needed
Level 1 x4 Free 1
Level 2 x16 5,000 2
Level 3 x64 20,000 5
Level 4 x256 50,000 10
Level 5 x1,024 100,000 20