Adventure Communist Wiki

Here is a list of our community rules and guidelines, please read them and do your best to follow them. They are here to make the experience better for everyone.

  1. Keep it civil: Do not make personal attacks on other people. If you need to criticize another user’s argument, do so without attacking them as a person. Do not use bigoted language, including slurs which degrade another person or group of people based on gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, etc. This also means not attacking Hyper Hippo or their employees.
  2. Keep it based on AdVenture Communist: All information in mainspace articles should either be directly from the game or based on the game. Providing advice and explanation is okay as long as it has basis in-game, but mainspace articles should be kept free of speculation and bias. Information about past or future versions of the game should be clearly marked.
  3. Be a productive member of the wiki: Contribute to the wiki in line with the established processes and conventions. Need help? Ask an administrator! Disrupting the wiki with “edit warring” over differing opinions of a topic with another user or group of users is not productive.
  4. When in doubt, take it to the Comments. We have all the time in the world. Mutual respect is the guiding behavioral principle of Fandom and, although everyone knows that their writing may be edited mercilessly, it is easier to accept changes if the reasons for them are understood. If you discuss changes on the article's talk (or discussion) page before you make them, you should reach consensus faster and happier.
  5. Respect copyright. Fandom uses the CC BY-SA 3.0 License. Everything you contribute must be compatible with that license.
  6. Decent edit summaries and clear and transparent explanations are universally appreciated. Other editors need to understand your process, and it also helps you yourself to understand what you did after a long leave of absence from an article. Please state what you changed and why. If the explanation is too long, add more on the discussion page.
  7. Do not engage in excessive self-promotion: The wiki is a collaborative community resource for the topic at hand. It is NOT a free place to advertise your related website, YouTube channel, blog, social media account, etc. Have a question about whether your link would be welcome? Ask an administrator!
  8. Do not harass other users: If somebody asks you to stop posting certain content on their wall, respect their wishes. It is their wall.
  9. Be graceful: Be liberal in what you accept, be conservative in what you do. Try to accommodate other people's quirks the best you can, but try to be as polite, solid, and straightforward as possible yourself. This means Assuming good faith unless their actions are clearly vandalism.
  10. Sign your posts on talk pages using ~~~~, which gets replaced by your username and timestamp when you hit Save. But don't sign on mainspace articles.
  11. Use the preview button; it helps prevents edit conflicts and mistakes.
  12. Do not vandalize the wiki. Edits that remove useful information and/or insert incorrect/harmful information are considered vandalism and will be reverted. Repeated instances of vandalism will result in being blocked.
  13. Do follow community guidelines for formatting: When we as a community have established formatting, it’s important to adhere to that, it makes everything easier and nicer for everyone.
  14. Use common sense: Do not try to game the system in order to disrupt the wiki or otherwise violate the spirit of the rules. Conversely, don't let these rules keep you afraid of improving the wiki - exceptions can be made.