Adventure Communist Wiki

Appropriate cases


*Advertising and spam. Posting random websites links doesn't contribute positively to the wiki.
*Pages that are filled with nonsense or gibberish. There is no point in keeping such content.
*Pages that are riddled with copyright violations. Taking images, lines of text, or entire pages from a website is not permitted.


*Useless images or images that do not relate directly to AdVenture Communist.
*Duplicate images.
*Images that are such a low quality that the subject is indiscernible.


*User pages that have been created by an unregistered user or those that possess content that blatantly violates one of Adventure communist wiki's policies (i.e. offensive language, scamming, copyright violation, etc.). Older user pages may be deleted only if the user requests this to be done. It is not possible to delete an account, though the user page may be deleted and the account may be blocked.
*Useless redirects, Redirects for common misspellings and typos, however, may be acceptable.
*Redirects left behind when moving a page between different namespaces or when renaming a file, more commonly known as "move artifacts".
*Pages in another language. This is an English Wiki, and content must be in English.
*Useless or duplicated categories/templates.

Inappropriate cases

*Stubs, no matter how small, could one day become a lengthy article.
*A page that requires cleanup. These pages are just in need of attention; they do not need to be deleted.
*Vandalism. Blanking pages, adding offensive material, or inserting random words should be reverted. If a page was created with this content or did not have any legitimate content, to begin with, it may be deleted.
*Images of a low quality which still adequately display the subject.

See also

*Template:D (for requesting the speedy deletion of something.)